Jill Black And The Panic Attack, is one of Maryland's premier rock/party cover bands. They produce a incredible, nonstop high-energy show that will keep you on the dance floor.  Jill Black And The Panic Attack has been playing only the best venues and Private/Corporate events Maryland has to offer.  Formed by the members of several popular local bands, they continue to gain momentum while establishing themselves as one of the premier cover bands in the region!  Come out to a show, and see for yourself why so many others are making  Jill Black And The Panic Attack  a “must-see” part of their weekend.

Compare These two clips:

On the right here you see the button start the track.  Click the button and it will play one of the clips.  Hit the toggle and it will play the other as they both simultaneously play.  You can compare Jill and Tina.  Let us know what you think, better yet come hear it live!!  

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Which is better?

Tina 8
Jill 11
19 responses
Tina Turner: stopped
Jill Black: stopped
Listening to: nothing